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Privacy Policy For The Use Of Coupon Codest

Get all the information regarding the use of this website by reading this Privacy Policy. This page has details regarding the use of data by Coupon Codest!

This privacy policy covers all the information and details regarding the use of Moreover, it contains details regarding how and why your data is collected and its purposes or isn't used. Furthermore, this privacy policy acts as an agreement between Coupon Codest and the user who is using

Your use of this website ( will mean that you completely agree to the Privacy Policy and each clause mentioned on this page. Additionally, may contain external links to other websites and online stores; nevertheless, we are not responsible for those external websites. To learn more about this, check out our privacy policy regarding 3rd party actions and events.

Information & Data That Are Collected From The User

Coupon Codest only collects information from the user only for his/her identification and locating or contacting him/her for any of the purposes. The information that we collect also includes some personal information that can be used to better user experience or show personalized content or advertisements to them.

Another thing about Coupon Codest is that we don't sell user's personal information to any 3rd party. Nonetheless, the user may receive promotional emails and offers from the affiliate partners of Coupon Codest and even Coupon Codest itself.

Some of the information that we may collect from the users are:

  • Personal Information (Name, Father Name, Date of Birth, Gender, etc.)  
  • Contact Information (Phone Number, Email Address, Postal Address, etc.)
  • Relationship Information (Marital Status, etc.)
  • Transaction Information (copies of receipts, payment card number, etc.)
  • Location Information (City, State, Country, etc.)

How Coupon Codest Collect User Data?

Whenever a user registers or subscribes to, we may ask him to provide his/her personal information, contact information, and other details, and we collect his/her provided information.

What Coupon Codest Collect Data For?

There are various purposes for which Coupon Codest may collect your data for. Some of these are:

  • To notify you about any updates regarding the change in the privacy policy or terms & conditions.
  • To notify you about the latest deals and offers.
  • To send you emails regarding brand promotions.
  • To check the user’s eligibility for using the coupons, promos, or discount codes.
  • To offer you adequate customer support.
  • To monitor the actions of users on 
  • To have better analytics of the website.
  • To gather information for making customer experience and website better.
  • To avert or cope with any kind of general of technical issues.

Use Of Personal Information

Coupon Codest may ask you to provide your personal information when you use this website. Therefore, as a user, you have to provide the correct details regarding your personal information, based on your knowledge. In case, if you have provided us with the wrong details regarding anything such as your name or age, etc., then you will be responsible for this, and it will be considered as an act of attempting fraud. Your provided personal information can be used for the verification of your eligibility to purchase a product, to use coupons & discount codes, etc. Moreover, your personal data can also be shared with the merchants that are affiliated or partnered with


Copyright Policy

As a registered company Coupon Codest owns the rights of all the media, content, trademarks, and logos that are available on the website. This also includes source code, databases, site outlines, site design, and any other thing that is directly or indirectly related to Since we have the intellectual property rights of all the content and media of the website, no one is allowed to copy, steal, duplicate, or imitate any kind of content or anything without the website owner's prior consent. If any individual, company, or anyone is found trying to steal, duplicate, or imitate anything related to, including content, design, and media, that person, company literally, or brand will be handled strictly under the intellectual property violation laws of that country.


Like any other website, Coupon Codest also has cookies integrated with its website to collect data from the users. The user's saved cookies can be used for several purposes such as instant login and many others. However, you have the option to disable cookies if you want to, from the browser setting of your device. Beware that disable cooking might restrict you from accessing some of the features of

Social Linking & Other Website Linkings

Data Security

The security of the data that you are providing online is essential and is the first priority of Coupon Codest. That's why we will try our best to make the data safe and confidential as much as we can. However, we can't ensure the data's total safety since nothing on the internet can be claimed to be absolutely safe. But as from our side, we won't sell the user's personal information to any other 3rd party and will try to keep it confidential as much as possible.

Data Retention

As a company, Coupon Codest has the right to have your data retained for as much time. Moreover, we can use your retained data for the purposes mentioned above and we have the complete legal right to do that. However, Coupon Codest is obliged to use the personal data that we have collected from the user for legal activities and purposes only. We can also retain the data for a longer period of time for internal analysis.  

Merchant & Affiliates Policy

Coupon Codest has affiliate relationships with most of the merchants that are featured on As a business, we accept compensation from these merchants in the form of cash-money, sponsorship,adversements, paid links, and others. Since we are getting compensation for our merchants and affiliate partners, therefore, that may someway influence or impact the content on this website.

Additionally, Coupon Codest has nothing to do with the affiliate partners and merchants regarding what they are selling, to whom they are selling, and how they are selling. All the purchases that you make from our merchants and affiliate partners are under your own responsibility. In case of any fraud or cheating, we (Coupon Codify) are not responsible for any claims whatsoever.  

3rd Parties Privacy Policies

It’s made quite clear earlier that we are not reasonable for our affiliate partners and any other 3rd parties whose links are available at Moreover, these 3rd parties have their own privacy policies regarding the collection of user data and we are not responsible for their actions and policies. We are only responsible for the user data as long as he/she is on our website. Once he/she moves to another website using any of the links available at the website he/she is on his/her own and we will be not concerned about it anymore whatsoever.

3rd Parties Information

The site may contain links that lead you to the different external websites that are third parties. Since we don't have any control over these third parties, therefore, we are not responsible for their content, media, images, or anything else. The content posted through these websites is neither checked, examined, nor verified by Coupon Codest. Only those 3rd parties are responsible for the information, media, or content, available on their websites. As soon as you will be redirected to any external website or online store through any of the links available on, you are all on your own. Moreover, Coupon Codest is also not concerned regarding the information collection and data protection practices of any third-party websites. Any purchases from any of the 3 party websites will be through those websites and Coupon Codest won't be liable for any such purchases from the external sites.

Customization, Improvement, & Changes On The Website

As the website's owner, we have the whole right to make changes, improvements, and customization to the website without priorly notifying the visitors, users, third parties, or any other figure. If any of the person or business gets somehow affected by any changes such as website design change, database update, improvement in website structure, etc, we as the website owner are not liable anyway for the effect or loss. Furthermore, this website will be customized for the sake of improvement in user experience in future so any of the changes that will occur due to this customization are only to enhance the usability, boosting site performance, or to improve the user interface.

Changes & Updates In Privacy Policy

As a sole proprietor of Coupon Codest, we have the right to make any changes and updates in the Privacy Policy without priorly informing our affiliate partners or even the users. Making any changes to the Coupon Codest privacy policy is a right that we have, and it is also entirely under our legal authority. In case of any changes to the privacy policy, the updated privacy policy will be considered as the valid one with immediate effect. All the users and partners will be bound to accept the updated privacy policy even if they don't know about it.

If you have any additional queries regarding the privacy policy of Coupon Codest, kindly get in touch through the contact us page or leave us an email regarding your concerned query at